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Improving Communication in Global Setting

When working in the global environment, knowledge of the impact of cultural and language differences is the keys to success. Improving levels of cultural awareness can help companies build international competencies and enable individuals to become more globally sensitive. Tellingual provide the perfect solution to improve communication glitches that are all too common and can ruin your closest and most important international business relationships.

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Interpretation & Translation Service
International Business Support
Staffing Solutions
Study Abroad Education Program
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Company Information

Company Information

Pacific International, Inc
DBA: Tellingual Global Communication
332 S Michigan Ave., Suite 1032-A73
Chicago, IL 60604
Toll Free: 1-866-344-1803
Fax: 1-877-665-4055
Type of Organization: Corporation
Founded in 2009
Trading Bank: Chase Bank
Industry: Business Consultant
Website: www.tellingual.com






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